The Elan Valley

Every year a gang of relatives and friends join us and we spend a week in two cottages in Wales just outside a place called Rhayader. The cottages are situated on the banks of the river Wye. We normally go towards the end of June to make the most of the long days. Being in the middle of the countryside, when it gets dark there it GETS DARK. We spend our time fly fishing for Trout and Grayling, drinking, walking, BBQing and just relaxing. It really is a wonderful place ! Anyway enough of the chat, here are some images taken by myself over the years.

The cottages are obscured by the trees on the right of this image the gardens actually lead right down to the river bank.

The Red Kite is quite a rare bird in the U.K. but every year we normally spot a couple soaring high over the hillsides.

The RAF usually pay us a visit early in the mornings flying their jets at low level down the vallies. Quite an impressive sight but they are a bit LOUD !

Higher up the river there are a series of dams. The reservoirs supply the Birmingham area of the U.K. with fresh water. It's amazing to see how the water levels have dropped over the years !

This is not one of our cottages but I thought it made a nice shot.

Another image taken further down the river below the dams.